Wind energy - redefined!

From now on wind energy and infrastructure belong together – Smart energy for smart cities

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Aerodynamic wind distribution increases the efficiency through optimal streaming conditions

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Twin Turbines

The two rotors are synchronized and characterized with high torque and stability

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Section technics

The section „Technics“ contains the innovative drive train and the safety system that meets the requirements of the industrial standard 61400ff

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360° wind energy

The turbine turns into every wind direction without additional aid through the Azimut bearing.

Decentral wind energy –
close to the customer!

DIRECTTECH has developed a wind turbine with the ability to use previously neglected wind potentials.

What is it all about?

In addition to established fields of application, the DIRECTTECH wind turbine can open further, so far unnoticed wind potentials within or near the infrastructure as well as isolated solutions. This technical solutions enables to convert fluctuating, fast-changing winds into energy. At the same time each turbine can be used as carrier for additional services and technologies. The bundling of technologies creates synergies that generate a considerable added value. The wind turbine becomes a multifunctional platform. Through the combination of yet separately implemented measures, resource-saving potentials arise that lead to a “slim” infrastructure. The overall concept „THE SILENT REVOLUTION“connects energy and digitization and meets the  modified needs of the society after more flexibility and networking.

Photo examples


Worldwide first vertical-axis wind turbine certified acc. to IEC 61400 FF.

Twin-Turbine system

Silent moving, no typical shadow flicker effect, low vibrations

The turbine system

Self-moving, direction to the wind without adjusting/tracking, ideal for fluctuating winds – follows in every wind direction

No danger

Based on the construction, experts do not expect any danger for bats & birds

Details of the Technology

Based on the Savonius principle, the Twin Turbine System is characterized by efficiency and stability.

The current turbine model has a total height of 20 meters with two rotors with a diamter of 1 meter and three airfoils each. The height of the rotors is 10 meters.

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