About us

Directtech has various patents in renewable energies and efficient sustainable concepts based on alternative technologies. Besides the highly qualified Directtech infrared heaters, the modular designed Twin Turbine System was developed for decentral wind energy production and was brought into the market as The Silent Revolution®. It can be integrated in the infrastructure and architecture to build up Smart cities and communities. It provides therefore a solution to harvest non-considered wind energy potential.

Multiple turbines can be managed together. In combination with broadband, telecommunication (5G), lighting and monitoring, the system provides a concept for sustainable urban electrification and economical and infrastructural development of rural regions. These business models including the „Green Marketing“ are predestined to strengthen the worl-wide energy transformation process.

Directtech`s ambition to fulfill the highest claim on quality is obvious by achieving the certification according to the industrial standard 61400ff for the turbine. Worldwide, it is the first ever given certificate for a vertical-axis windturbine on the highest level

The story
and stages of develoment