About us

Directtech GmbH is specialized in system design and development of innovative renewable energy products. As a fully owned subsidiary of WindQuiet Technologies Inc., Directtech has various patents in renewable energy as well as other energy efficient technologies and applications.

Directtech has developed a modular design twin turbine system for decentralized wind generation and was brought into the renewable energy market as the WindTracker. It can be integrated in the infrastructure to build a smart microgrid for both urban and rural sites. It provides an innovative solution to harness the wind energy that previously considered impossible with the conventional wind turbine products on the market. 



Multiple WindTracker wind turbines can be installed within close proximity in order to maximize the wind energy been harnessed with minimum footprints.

The WindTracker system provides a solution for sustainable power generation by combining the PV/solar, energy storage, next generation 5G cellular networks, remote sensing and control which is the critical infrastructure for the economic development of the rural regions.

These business models including are predestined for transforming the world-wide energy supply into a green and sustainable future with zero emission. The WindTracker prototype had been tested and met the highest standard on its quality. The certification has been issued according to the industry standard IEC 61400 for the wind turbines. It was the first ever certificate given for such vertical axis wind turbine in the world.

The story
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