From now on wind energy and infrastructure belong together – Smart energy for smart cities

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Aerodynamic wind distribution increases the efficiency through optimal streaming conditions

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Twin Turbines

Two rotors are synchronized and characterized with high torque and stability

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Technical Cabinet

It contains the innovative drive train and the safety system that meets the requirements of the industrial standard 61400ff

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360° Rotation

Aerodynamic wind tracking into all wind directions instantly with Azimuth bearing

Smart Micro-grid Sustainable Energy Generation

What is it all about?

The WindTracker’s innovative design opens further potentials for the wind power generation as well as provides a viable solution for geographically isolated areas such as remote islands.

The WindTracker rotates 360 degrees with instant reaction to all wind directions to maximize the conversion of the energy from the fluctuating, fast-changing winds into electrical power.

The WindTracker platform is designed to be a SMART NODE hub for hosting the additional equipment with the space available at the top of the tower, inside the technical cabinet at the hub level, as well as on the tower, to meet the end customer’s needs and requirements.

The integration of multi-functional features onto the same structure creates an unparalleled solution onsite that generates considerable add-value for the end customer, as the result, significantly reduce the total costs of the ownership.

Photo examples


Worldwide first vertical-axis wind turbine certified acc. to IEC 61400 FF.

Twin-Turbine system

Silent moving, no typical shadow flicker effect, low vibrations

The turbine system

Self-moving, direction to the wind without adjusting/tracking, ideal for fluctuating winds – follows in every wind direction

No danger

Based on the construction, experts do not expect any danger for bats & birds