The WindTracker vertical axis wind turbine system was designed to be an innovative wind generation system that can be installed with the existing infrastructure. It provides an innovative solution for harnessing the wind energy that previously considered impossible with the conventional wind turbine products on the market.

The WindTracker is designed to combine the electric power generation with a multifunctional platform to enables the integration of PV/solar panels, advertisements, antenna for 5G network, LED display board, instruments for weather stations, surveillance cameras and lighting fixtures. The possibility for utilizing such structural platform is almost endless.

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Sustainable power generation for urban, rural areas as well as the other challenging off-grid locations where it can be integrated with the infrastructure developments such as 5G networks and smart micro-grid

The smart micro-grid system

The WindTracker wind turbine power generation system when integrated with PV/solar and power storage is the solution for supplying the clean power for uninterrupted services that is critical to the 21st century urban living.

off-grid solutions

Supply green power to remote islands e.g. in Greece and Scotland

Rural electrification in emerging countries for local grids in regions that are not having access to the commercial grid while at the same time having an increasing energy demand.

Smart Energy for Smart Cities

5G Base Station Integrated Power Solution

EV Charging at Urban and Rural Locations

Marine, Polar Regions and Ocean Shipping

Hydroponic and Aeroponic Grows