The technology
of the wind turbine

The Turbine System mainly consists of the recyclable materials aluminum and steel. Due to the robust construction, minimal efforts for maintenance and long lifetime are expected, ensuring high sustainability.

The turbine system is divided in main sections that eases the installation, logistics and manufacturing. It increases the flexibility to adjust to regional conditions and to customized versions (e.g. various services or applications).

IEC 61400ff

The safety concept meets the requirements of the IEC standard 61400ff. and is designed as a fail-safe system.

Katerva Award

The mission of the international organsation KATERVA is to support and accelerate sustainable innovations. Internationally, promising technologies are nominated and voted. The Directtech technology achieved to be in the group of finalists within the section energy in the year 2017.


The main sections are the anchor cage with the foundation, the pole with the Azimutbearing, the section“technics“ and the upper segment with the round pole and the rotors.

Technical Section

Is designed as a fail-safe system to meeet the requirements of the IEC. It contains the „heart“ of the turbine system consisting of the brakes, the yaw, the gear box, the coupling etc. and bundles the turbines together being connected with one generator.

It is the basis for customized versions referring to regional environmental conditions and other capacities as well as special applications


The Twin Turbine System consists of two turbines with three airfols each which are arranged in connection with the guide plate to reach a high rotational speed and simultaneous a high torque.


The carrier of the whole system includes the Azimutbearing or the rotational swivel point and the slip ring that enables the turbine system to turn in every wind direction.This guarantees a 360° availability.

Maintenance / Life-cycle

The turbine system consists mainly of the recyclable materials aluminum and steel. The robust construction has an estimated life time similar to an electricity pylon of about 80-100 years by using a high percentage of wear-free components that minimizes the maintenance efforts.

Azimut bearing

Through the unique design and geometry and the integrated Azimut bearing, the Twin Turbine System is following the wind even though the wind direction is changing. This is of immense meaning in turbulent wind situations.


Dimensions and geometry of the turbine assembly has arisen through many tests in wind- and water channels as well as in field studies. Changing of the design points will directly refer to changes in the functionality and efficiency.

ModellSN 1
IEC Windclass III
DIBt Windzone3
Nominal capacity10 KW
Cut-off wind speed25 m/s
Survival wind speed52 m/s
Blade area20,00 m²
Diameter each rotor1,00 m
Length of blades10,00 m
Blades per rotor3
Yawing mechanism Through design
Braking systemFail-safe System and generator
GeneratorPM generator
Inverter400 Volt 50 Hertz
ControlsSystem management
Feed-inNet conform VDE-AR-N-4105 / conformation for net-parallel operation

Power Curves