The Twin Turbine System includes the possibility of the energy storage. The storage technology is “state of the art” and is based on industrial standards and norms. The storage already begins at weak winds of 2 m/s and reaches its full efficiency during storms. The storage and distribution of energy is in each case adapted to the basic needs of supply of the user.

High storage capacity

The energy storage consists of accumulators (batteries) which are directly installed on THE SILENT REVOLUTION® System. A 20 m Twin Turbine System can absorb up to 200 kW/h. For example, this would be sufficient for a power consumption of a household of approximately 40 days.

Automatic control

The storage and distribution of the generated energy happens automatically with a software-based control unit. It is equipped with the necessary hardware and can be expanded in modules with broadband connection and further communication systems. The loading status, energy demand and other parameters are displayed on a display panel. The computer generated multi dischargers/inverters obviate the need for the grid peaks.

The storage can take place network-compliant or as an isolated application.