The characteristics of the Twin Turbine System are based on the principles of the Savonius two-bladed turbine (VAWT). THE SILENT REVOLUTION® Concept is the first developed novel turbine system which works as a “TWIN TURBINE SYSTEM”, as the wind passing over the fuselage accelerates the turbines which become two to three times faster than a two-bladed Savonius. This in turn means that we can harvest more energy.

Through its rotational swivel system upon which the Twin Turbine stands, THE SILENT REVOLUTION® is able to follow the wind in every direction without using external energy source.

The swivel system also enables the Twin Turbine System to be used in turbulent and urban wind.

At wind speeds of under 2 m/s the Twin Turbine System starts to generate power.

Because all the power is harvested and stored locally in THE SILENT REVOLUTION® accumulators, grid peak costs and even costs for power stations can be saved.

Its integrated storage system provides a sustainable energy supply and builds the basis for an optimal energy management and distribution, with the quickest return of investment.