The meaning of the energy storage

Along with the expansion of the renewable energies, the meaning of the energy storage will steadily increase. Without a comprising storage concept an efficient use of renewable energies is not possible. Energy storage is thus a must!

Conventional energy storage

So far, renewable energy in Germany has been stored in pumped storage hydro power stations, compressed air storage power stations (CAES) and in salt caverns, as with natural gas, fossil oil and hydrogen.

New flexible and autarkic solutions are required which generate decentralized, store and distribute energy all over Germany.

Wind energy supplier of the future!

Already today, wind energy amounts to the largest part of renewable energies in German power generation (especially Offshore wind parks). As the solar energy, wind energy is available in large quantities everywhere in Germany. The power generated in the wind parks is not stored but directly fed into the whole German grid.

You will find greater wind parks mainly in North Germany (Offshore), here a decentralized wind power generation can be an area-wide useful completion.

Efficient storage concept with THE SILENT REVOLUTION® Concept

The requirements on an efficient storage concept are high. THE SILENT REVOLUTION® storage concept offers therefor one appropriate solution. The advantages are:

  • No transmission losses due to decentralized generating and storing of the wind energy
  • Huge storage capacities which balance fluctuations and build up reserves
  • Flexibility through connection of single Windtrackers building groups or (Onshore-) wind parks
  • Possibility of an autarkic use of energy and/or junction to the public grid
  • Low installation- and maintenance costs (especially in connection with the promotional option)