Germany and many other countries in the world have one similar problem to find a grid-scale energy storage to make renewable energy feasible.

Requirements of the energy concept are:
–      to reach the nuclear phase-out until 2022
–      to reduce the CO2 emission
–      to be investment-friendly
–      to be a sustainable system
–      to be economically feasible

It has not only been possible for DIRECTTECH to develop a novel, high-efficient „TWIN-TURBINE” system to harvest the wind, DIRECTTECH has merely developed an energy production and storage system which can also store excess energy from the grid to use. This is done by utilizing a compatible energy management system with integrated network.

The silhouette of the Twin Turbine System is the shape of the entire system including the complex hardware and networks as well as the accumulators. All other parts of the network are underground.

In 2010, the wind energy in Germany illustrated the highest percentage (6%, Quelle AG Energiebilanzen) of the „renewables“ on the whole German gross power generation. The wind energy is mainly centrally produced by 3-bladed huge turbines. Decentralized concepts applicable for the infrastructure are less considered so far. This is in contradiction to the requested sustainable development and the advantage of energy providing close to the consumer to avoid transmission losses.

The nuclear accident of Fukushima has pointed the way and created a vacuum. Ervin Laszlo from „Club von Budapest“ describes the status in which we are situated at the moment as MAKROSHIFT. This is a profound change which involves wide parts of the social being and contains an immense pressure of change.

Not only the creeping global warming has to be stopped but also the capacities of supply of the nuclear energy have to be compensated. Fukushima has caused a „chaos phase“. Decentralized concepts offer the chance of new business models. The pre-condition is to reframe the “thinking” and to set the frame for alternatives and flexibility to expand new market possibilities.

The decentralized energy supply including the current infrastructure and alternative financing possibilities have to be integrated. Here, especially politics are asked to set the course because the population is willing to go in this direction and awaiting alternatives to nuclear power that correspond to the above mentioned requirements.

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